Maximizing Efficiency for Peak Sending Times

Before the holidays, when online retailers are finalizing marketing plans in preparation for the busiest season of the year, it always pays to plan ahead. The following tips for the best sending performance and revenue-driving campaigns can help you maximize your holiday success.

Out with the Old

The following suggestions are easy to accomplish, and result in a clean environment where you can quickly find what you need.

  • Delete segments that you know you will never need again. This helps you find the segments you want without searching through long lists. It also prevents Bronto from processing and maintaining unnecessary segment membership.
  • If there are segments that you won't need soon, but you don't want to delete them, archive them.

Manage your Lists Early

Complete any list management tasks early, such as importing contacts or order data, or merging lists, especially during peak times. You can then schedule your deliveries faster, and not wait on a potentially large job to complete.

Always Be Testing

Test messages, workflows, webforms, and pop-ups.

  • Test your messages: It’s important to have a testing routine in place for your messages. Use Previewer to see how a message renders on multiple devices. You can also manually send your emails to a variety of email addresses and clients and review them.
  • Test your workflows: You can easily test workflows by creating a list of internal testers. Use a list membership filter in your workflow to limit the recipients to the internal testers.
  • Test your webforms and pop-ups: View and submit your webforms using test email addresses. Ensure that you are collecting information in a way that is easy for your contacts.
Note: An easy way to create test contacts is to use the plus sign and letters or numbers after a test Gmail address to have them all arrive in the same inbox. For example, a message sent to would arrive in the inbox of

Consider Advanced Sending Options

Carefully review some of the Bronto advanced sending options.

  • Think through your usage of frequency caps. Frequency caps are great for preventing contact fatigue. It’s important to know that leveraging frequency caps in peak times, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, can negatively impact your system performance, since frequency caps are calculated for each contact in real time.
  • Use Automated Remailing for important sends. You won't need to manually create segments and additional sends for those critical offers.
  • Limit use of Send Time Optimization and Time Zone Sending during peak times. These features can result in longer times for Bronto to prepare the delivery.

Always Remember Deliverability

Maintaining high deliverability rates is important, and these tips will help.

  • Be careful of sending messages to all possible contacts, including contacts that you don’t often send to. If you send to contacts who typically don’t receive your messages, you might see an increase in unsubscribes or complaints – which can result in messages being delivered to the junk folder.
  • Don’t make drastic changes to your sending frequency. If you typically send once per week and then escalate to once per day, it can appear to some ISPs that you are sending spam. Instead, take a gradual approach to increasing your send frequency.
  • Find opportunities to ask for a spot on your engaged contacts’ safe sender list so that you can guarantee they will never miss an offer.
  • Make it easy for contacts to unsubscribe or change their preferences by using unsubscribe or manage preference webforms. Enabling your contacts to easily update preferences will reduce the number of spam complaints you receive and keep your deliverability rate high.

Leverage Your Resources

We can help!

  • When you have a how-to question, open a live chat from within the Bronto Marketing Platform and the team will be happy to help out.
  • For more involved questions or issues such as API support or troubleshooting an integration, open a support case by clicking the Account icon in Bronto, then Support.
  • If you need help with execution, reach out to your Account Manager to enlist the help of the Bronto Professional Services team.