Weekly Drip / Waterfall Campaigns

Drip campaigns (aka waterfall campaigns) are a powerful tool that you can use to automatically send messages to your contacts on a scheduled basis.

In this example, you will learn now to create a drip campaign to remind your contacts that they need to renew their subscription. The drip campaign you create will automatically send messages to your contacts on a weekly basis leading up to the date they have to renew their subscription. To help you visualize what you will be creating in this example, take a look at the timeline below. You can use this timeline to get an idea of which rule, is sending which content, to which segment at a given point in time leading up to the renewal date.

Drip Campaign Timeline

Building a drip campaign (aka a waterfall campaign) is a common practice amongst email marketers. In order to create a drip campaign, you should be comfortable with creating messages, segmentation, and automated message rules.