Data Retention Policy

Our Data Retention Policy outlines what data we maintain indefinitely and what data we periodically delete.

Generally, the things you create in Bronto, like workflows and messages, are kept indefinitely unless you delete them. But data that is collected by Bronto is subject to our Data Retention Policy. Under the policy some data in Bronto expires based on your Data Retention Period and some data is kept indefinitely:
  • Detailed Tracking Data: Expires. The data for specific contacts about emails they were sent and actions that were performed (sends, clicks, opens) is kept for a limited amount of time due to the huge volume and relative shelf life of this data.
  • Aggregate Tracking Data: Is Retained. Totals and statistics calculated from the detailed tracking data for every delivery is kept indefinitely for all messages.

By default, detailed tracking data for email deliveries are tracked and maintained in Bronto for 365 days. After data expires it is not available for review or use in Bronto. However, you can still view the aggregate information based on the expired data so you can use these statistics to recognize trends that can help you better target your marketing campaigns.

If you want to maintain detailed tracking data indefinitely you can save this data outside of Bronto by exporting and saving it. For more information, see Archive Data Affected By The Data Retention Policy.

The Data Retention Period for your account can be viewed by clicking the Account Info link in Bronto. If you are interested in extending your Data Retention Period contact your Account Manager to see if you are eligible.

Data Retention Period

The following table outlines how things in Bronto are affected by the Data Retention Policy:

Data Type Retained or Expires Notes
Users and Account Settings Retained
Carts Expires Cart data, including line item information, will be deleted from Bronto 90 days after the cart creation date. Cart statistics used to generate metrics will be saved indefinitely.
Consent Records Retained Retained for the lifetime of your Bronto account.
Contact History Expires This is the information on the History tab of the Contact Details page.
Contacts and their field data Retained When you delete a contact, they are no longer visible in your account and will not receive any of your emails. A contact's data is typically deleted within 24 hours but it could take up to 15 days to fully remove all related data. Once deleted, contact data cannot be restored.
Lists and Suppression Lists Retained
Segments Retained Segment data is retained but some data segments may use does expire. The length of time we will keep contact-level sent, opened, clicked, and/or conversion click metrics are subject to your account's data retention policy at the time a segment is created. If a segment is built based on one of these metrics that are past the Data Retention Period, then the segment data may be inaccurate or not return results.
Product Data Retained
Order Data and RFM Metrics Retained
Messages Retained This includes:
  • All messages (Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Message folders
  • Message templates and template folders
  • Message content blocks
  • Calendar data
Online version of previously sent email messages Expires This is the web version of an email that contacts can view by clicking the "Have trouble viewing this?" link. Once the data retention policy has passed, this link will no longer work in old emails.
Link Tracking Expires While link tracking data expires, the links contained in your sent emails continue to work for the life of your account.
Delivery History

Some data is retained, some data expires

The record of deliveries is maintained, but detailed information about deliveries that is subject to the Data Retention Policy will not be shown when you view a delivery or delivery report after the data expires.

This includes detailed information about sends, clicks, and opens. Therefore, the name of any list, segment, or keyword that a delivery was sent to, or that was excluded from the send, is not displayed for deliveries past the Data Retention Period. Instead you may see the word Unavailable.

Delivery Metrics Retained This includes things like the number of opens, the average clicks, and the conversion rate. It does not include contact-level details about these actions.
Email Replies Expires This does not apply to any email address that replies were forwarded to outside of Bronto.
Content Menu Options Retained This includes:
  • File Management Content
  • Email Templates
  • Headers and Footers
  • Content Tags
  • Webforms
  • Feeds
  • QR Codes
  • Shortened URLs
Automated Message Rules Retained Automated message rules may not be built based on contact-level sent/opened/clicked/converted data that has expired.

AMR report data is subject to the Data Retention Policy for reports.

Workflows Retained Workflow report data is subject to the Data Retention Policy for reports.
Legacy Reports Some data is retained, some data expires

Contact-level details about sends, opens, clicks, and conversions expire. Aggregate and summary reporting data is retained.

User-generated reports and consent export reports expire after 90 days regardless of an account's Data Retention Period.

Note: Reports based on contact-level sent/opened/clicked/converted data older than the Data Retention Period will not display any data.
New Reports Some data is retained, some data expires

Deliveries: hour-level data is only available for the first two weeks after the delivery is sent. When you view a report for a delivery that was sent more than two weeks ago, and select a data range that would display hour-level metrics within the first 2 weeks, data will be unavailable.

Messages, Lists, Segments: the most recent two weeks of hourly-level data will always be available for querying. When you view a report for any of these objects and select a date range that would display hour-level metrics in charts outside of the most recent 2-weeks, data will be unavailable.

Note: Hour-level data is the default view in charts for a 3-day period or less. Any date filter that is greater than 3 days results in charts defaulting to day-level data.
Browse Events Expires Browse event data is available for storage to Browse Recovery and Recommendations Premium app users.
  • Browse Recovery: Stores the last 30 days of browse data. This data is used to evaluate Browse Recovery rules in order to trigger email messages.
  • Recommendations Premium: Stores the last 90 days of browse data for use in identifying a contact's browsed products. This is used recommend related products or to limit results of a recommendation to products browsed during that time period
Apps N/A App data is not subject to Bronto's Data Retention Policy but is subject to any Data Retention Policy that app may have. For more information on this, see the documentation specific to an app.