Archive Data Affected By The Data Retention Policy

You can export data affected by the data retention policy from Bronto in order to permanently archive it outside of Bronto.

Each section below explains how to export that type of data.

Email Replies

Export the email replies using the Export button on the Email Replies page. To do this:

  1. Go to Messages > Email Replies.
  2. Click Export.
  3. Choose the type of email replies you want to export using the Type pull-down menu. You can choose from:
    • All
    • Automated
    • Spam
    • Unclassified
    • Unsubscribe
  4. Choose the date before or the date after for which you would like to receive the email replies report.

    Click the calendar icon to choose a specific date.

  5. Choose an email address to be notified when the export is finished.
  6. Click Generate.

    You will be notified in the application when the report is finished. Additionally, if you choose to have an email address notified, that address will receive an email as well.

Contact History

Use the API and the readContacts call to retrieve a contact's history.

Online Message Version

Navigate to each online version of a message and save the web page. Create the message as a web page hosted on your servers and use the Send Webpage functionality.

For more information on the Send Webpage message type, see Create Web Page-Based Email.

Contact Level Sent/Opened/Clicked/Converted Data

Navigate to each delivery report for a message and download a Detailed Report using the button provided.

For more information on downloading a detailed report, see Download A Summary of Detailed Contact Report.

User Generated Reports

If you have generated a report, the report will be kept on the report downloads page (Go to Reports > Downloads) for the duration of your data retention period. To permanently archive those reports (which are subject to the data retention policy) download the report from the report downloads page by clicking on the name of the report.