Create Messages and Webforms

Build, design, and customize messages and webforms.


Messages include emails, SMS messages, Facebook posts, and Tweets. While SMS, Facebook, and Twitter messages all have a single editor you can use, Bronto offers a few different email editing options. We recommend using our email message editor for most of your email creation and design purposes.

No matter which editor you use, the message personalization topics explain how you can use message tags and/or dynamic content to build versions of a message that can be targeted to individual contacts (message tags) or groups of contacts (dynamic content). Personalization can also be used in SMS messages. You can also use content tags to create reusable blocks of content.


The Webforms section provides information on how to create and customize Bronto webforms, and how you can add select webforms to your website. Customization features provide you with the ability to sync your email messaging with webform activity.