Webforms provide you with a powerful way to sign-up new contacts, collect information from existing/future contacts, and allow your contacts to easily manage their preferences.

The All Webforms page lets you view all of the webforms that have been created in your account. When you first join Bronto there is one existing default webform for each type of webform. There are seven different types of webforms. Each type of webform is displayed on the All Webforms page. You can use the sidebar to quickly filter your list of webforms by type.

Webform Sidebar Menu
Field Description
Name User-defined name of the webform.
Webform ID System ID for the webform. This can be used when you want to create a link to your webform in email messages.
Form Type Type of webform. Each webform type serves a unique purpose. For more information see Types of Webforms.
Default Form Indicates if the webform has been made the default for that type of webform. The default webform is always the webform shown for that type of webform unless another webform is specifically selected instead. See Make A Webform The Default Used.
Last Modified Date and time the webform was last updated.

There is no limit to the number of webforms you can create.