Headers And Footers

You can create headers and footers that can be used across multiple messages.

Footers are like email signatures. They can contain your unsubscribe link, your postal address, and any other related information. Footers are very important because they can affect whether or not your message is CAN-SPAM compliant.

Headers can be very valuable in creating a consistent look and feel for your emails. You can use headers create a recognizable image for your emails that will help ensure the authenticity of your email and entice your contacts to read further.

The Message Headers And Footers page allows you to view all of the headers and footers you have created in your account. The following headers and footers are included by default:
  • Default Footer
  • Link to Online Version (Header)
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant Footer
  • SWYN Footer

You can click on the name of a specific header or footer on the Message Headers And Footers page to view information about a header or footer. You can also click on the HTML and Text tabs to view the HTML and text versions of a header or footer.

For more information on CAN-SPAM compliance, see CAN-SPAM Act.