Suppression Lists

A suppression list is a list of email addresses or domains that cannot be added to, or contacted by, your account.

When an email address is added to the suppression list, you will not be able to:
  • Send any messages to this contact, including transactional messages.
  • Import this email address as part of a contact import.
  • Manually add a contact with this email address to your account.

If the email address belongs to an existing contact, that contact will be deleted from your account. It may take up to 24 hours for the contact to be added to the suppression list and deleted from your account. To prevent the contact from receiving emails within this waiting period, manually unsubscribe them from your account after they are added to the suppression list.

When used properly, a suppression list can improve your sender and delivery ratings. For example, you can suppress both email addresses that continually bounce and email addresses that have opted-out from receiving marketing emails from you. Once these types of contacts are on the suppression list, they can no longer receive emails from you. This will decrease bounces and complaints for your account, which will lead to an increase in both your sender and delivery rating. See Sender and Delivery Rating or Email Bounce for more information on these topics.

A contact on the suppression list cannot be added to your account until the email address is removed from the suppression list. If a contact who is on the suppression list attempts to sign-up to receive email messages from you via an Add Contacts webform or via Direct Add, they will not be added as a contact in your account.

You can download a suppression list from the Export Contacts page. For more information see Export Contact Data.