Keep Segments Up-To-Date

Contacts on a segment are automatically kept up-to-date, but if you make changes to criteria used to build a segment you will need to update your segment criteria selections.

Contacts are automatically moved onto a segment when they match the segment's criteria and off of the segment when they no longer match the criteria. So, in that sense, segments are automatically kept up-to-date.

However, some criteria used to build a segment can be changed in Bronto. For example, you could delete information you used to build your segment. If you make these types of changes in Bronto you will need to manually update your segment. For example, if you delete a contact field that was used to build a segment, that segment will no longer be able to use the contact field information. Therefore, the segment might not perform as expected until it is updated.

Also, the length of time we will keep contact-level sent, opened, clicked, and/or conversion rate metrics are subject to your account's data retention policy at the time the segment was created. If your data retention period changes after you created a segment, the segment will still use the data retention policy that was in place at the time the segment was built. You should consider data retention when building segments that use these metrics as operators for your segment. For more information on the data retention policy, see Data Retention Policy.

Tip: For more information on selecting a segment as a recipient in a delivery, see Select Email Recipients.

Finally, Bronto updates criteria related to delivery group metrics on a nightly basis, not in real time. Therefore, if you view a segment that uses delivery group metrics, the segment shows delivery group metrics from the previous day. However, if you send a message, Bronto refreshes these metrics during delivery prep so that your message is sent using up-to-date criteria.