Lists are static groups of contacts that are great for high-level organization of your contacts. You will want to think about multiple lists for different departments, different goals, etc. You might even break out your audience into opted-in and not yet opted-in lists.

Contacts are placed onto a list by you and can only be removed if you manually remove them, or if they unsubscribe from your emails. The All Lists page lets you see all of the lists that you have created in your account. From this page, you can begin creating new lists, or manage existing lists.

Lists Page

On this page you can see the internal name for the list, the external name that customers will see if you use the list in a webform, the number of active contacts you have in a list, and when the details for the list were last updated.

The Active Contacts number is updated nightly, not in real time. So when you clean a list, unsubscribe contacts on the list, add or remove an individual contact using the platform interface or API, or use workflows to manage list membership you will not see the Active Contacts number change until the next nightly list count update. Even though the Active Contacts numbers do not change, the changes to the list have been applied. There are a handful of events will cause an immediate update to the Active Contacts number:
  • Contact imports where the contacts are added to a list.
  • Copying a segment to a list.
  • Merging lists together. This only updates the Active Contacts for the merged list.
  • Splitting a list. This updates the Active Contacts for both of the lists that resulted from the split.
  • Direct import to a list.

This is also true for anywhere else in the platform you see a number of contacts associated with a list. It is also important to note, the Last Updated date reflects when one of the details for a list—Internal Name, External Name, or Active Contacts—was last updated. So, if you add contacts to a list but this does not trigger the Active Contacts number to increment, the Last Updated date will also not change until the Active Contacts number increases during the next nightly calculation.