Upload Contact Files

The import feature allows you to upload a list of contacts that you can add, update, unsubscribe, or delete as part of the import process.

Importing contacts is how you add a contact to your account. The first time a contact is imported, the contact goes through an automated onboarding process that helps verify the validity of the contact data. See Automated Onboarding.

Contact import can also be used to create new lists, update contact information, update people who have unsubscribed from outside the application, and/or remove contacts from a list entirely.

Additional import considerations:

  • You are asked to identify the character set encoding used in your file when you configure your import.
  • We automatically add new contacts to appropriate segments. If your segment count does not automatically reflect what you think should be the correct number, click the "refresh" icon to refresh your segment.
  • If the contact list contains message preferences (that is, they want to receive either HTML or text messages), you can import this data by adding a column called "message preference" to the list and then specifying "text" or "html" for each contact on the list.
  • When finished, a small window pops up at the top of your screen indicating that your activity (Import, Export, etc.) has completed. Often, there is a link inside the window that leads directly to the page to view information about the relevant action, for example, the report download page.
  • If a contact on the import list already exists in your account and has a status of transactional, their status will be switched to onboarding if you choose Contact status specified in the import file, Update existing contacts, Add new contacts or Update existing contacts.

After you run an import, you can view the details of the contact import by going to Reports > Downloads and clicking on a Report Name in the Contact Import Report Downloads table to download a contact import report. For more information see Legacy Report Downloads Page.