Contact Fields

Contact fields are data containers that you can use to save information about your contacts.

Contacts are more than just email addresses. Fields allow you to store additional information about your contacts: first name, postal code, age, etc. You can also use fields to personalize your messages and segment your lists. It's important to note that any field used in a message must be smaller than 1 MB in size.

The All Fields page lets you see all of the fields that you have added to your account. From this page, you can begin creating new fields or managing existing fields.

All Fields Page
Warning: Do not use fields to store particularly sensitive or private information about your contacts or information requiring stronger controls than provided by the application. Information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, unencrypted passwords, and other similar data should be stored outside of the application in a system specifically designed for handling this type of data. You are responsible for any consequences of processing any data placed in the application inappropriately.

Fields cannot be deleted if the field is being used in an active workflow.