Recording Consent Overview

To be compliant with GDPR, Bronto records any status change to active, onboarding, unsubscribed, unconfirmed, or deleted contacts.

The statuses are:

For each consent change, Bronto records the email address, the consent date, whether that date was specified by the customer, an IP address if available, and where that consent change occurred.

Details on the source will depend on the source itself. For example, if a contact was created through Dataloader, the source will show as API and the details showing the name of the integration would be the API token name. If it was a bulk import, it will show the user who initiated the action, as well as the name of the file and the type of operation performed.

If a contact is created as transactional, Forward to Friend, or unsubscribe, this action will not be logged in the consent record. If the contact changes status and is moved from active to transactional, it will be recorded. Consent change is also recorded when a contact changes their email address.

The consent log is not visible in the Contact Details page, but it can be downloaded.