Clean Contacts

Cleaning contacts allows you to maintain high deliverability rates by choosing to either delete, add to a new list, or add to an existing list any contacts that have bounced a certain number of times, are not associated with any lists in your account (aka Orphaned contacts), or who have not opened or clicked a specific number of email messages you have sent them.

Separating active and inactive contacts allows you to target and format your email messages based on a contact's activity. For example, you could send a plain text email message that re-introduces your offerings to any contact that has not opened or clicked the last 10 email messages you have sent them.

There are two types of contacts that you will frequently clean:
  • Orphan Contacts: are contacts that are not on any lists. They are in your account, but they are not associated with any of your lists.
  • Non-engaged Contacts: are contacts have not opened or clicked any of your messages. They have not engaged in any activity since they were added.

There could be a number of reasons why contacts have not engaged:

  • Your contacts could be receiving your messages in plain text. The application does not track messages sent in plain text format.
  • Your contacts may not be receiving your messages. HTML messages can sometimes be caught in spam filters or routed to junk folders.
  • Your contacts may no longer be interested in receiving your communications.