Shopify Connector

The Shopify Connector provides a seamless integration between your Bronto and Shopify accounts. You can import Shopify contact, product, and order to Bronto. You can also export data to Shopify with Shopify Customer Data Sync.

Configuring the Shopify Connector is a two step process. First you need to establish a connection between Bronto and your Shopify account and enable the Bronto app in Shopify. Once the connector is enabled you will be able to see it in the list of connectors.

To finish setting up the connector, click the Shopify Connector Edit link in order to access the configuration options for data imports. The connector can import contact, order, and/or product data as well as be used to supply required configuration data for several of the Bronto apps. When you enable a data import, the data exchange will begin within 15 minutes after you click the Save Changes button, unless you have turned the Test Mode on. The exchange of data will continue to occur, as required, until you disable a data import. Once the data is in Bronto it is treated the same as any other Bronto data, so it can be used in the same way.

On the main connector page you can also click:
  • Sync to manually refresh the Shopify Connector with new settings. For example, if Bronto adds a new app that works with the connector, you would use sync to refresh the connector so the connector configuration settings for that app are displayed on the Edit menu.
  • Promote to copy the settings from this connector to another connector.