Magento 2 Connector

The Magento Connector provides an integration between your Bronto and Magento accounts so that Magento data can be imported and used in Bronto.

Using the connector creates a seamless customer experience where data from your Magento storefront can be used to create highly-targeted marketing campaigns that drive customer engagement and increase revenue. The connector can be used for:
  • Contact management. Import your Magento contact data into Bronto so you can use Bronto for marketing and metrics.
  • Order and product data management. Import order and product data from your Magento storefront into Bronto so you can use this data in your messages and to create/trigger marketing campaigns.
  • Message campaign configuration. Configure Bronto to send messages to contacts based on contact and order information from Magento.
  • Recommendation and coupon configuration. Build cart abandonment rules and coupon generators that can be used in messages sent using the connector.
  • App integrations. Use the connector to pass Magento storefront data to Browse Recovery, Cart Recovery, Pop-up Manager, or Coupon Manager.

The Magento Connector can only be used with Magento M2. If you want to connect a Magento M1 instance with Bronto, use the Magento Extension version 2.4.4.