Guide Me on Cart Recovery

The Cart Recovery app allows you to identify and capture contacts that have placed items in the shopping cart without completing their order, including cart details.

You must configure Bronto's Commerce settings before using the Cart Recovery App. Commerce settings allow you to pass cart data from your site to Bronto and control how that data is managed. For more information about how to do this see Commerce Settings.

Adjust Cart Recovery Settings

The Settings page in the Cart Recovery app allows you to configure the time frames and behaviors that determine when a shopping cart is abandoned. You can set shopping cart abandonment to be based on the amount of time that has passed after a contact has left your site and/or the amount of time that has passed since the last item was added to a cart. When a shopping cart meets the criteria you specify on this page, data about that cart is sent back to Bronto.

Use Cart Tags in Messages

This video shows you how to use cart tags in the Email Message Editor and in the HTML code editor.

Cart Recovery Workflows

When the app indicates to Bronto that a cart has been abandoned, you can use a workflow to send contacts a transactional email reminder about the cart they have abandoned.