Email Bounce

An email bounce is an automated message about a delivery failure.

An email bounce, or failed DSN (Delivery Status Notification), is an automated electronic message from a mail system informing the sender about a delivery problem with their (the sender's) original email message. So in the context of the application, if you send an email message and the delivery fails, our mail server will receive a bounce message explaining why the email message bounced.

Note: Email bounces, or bounces, are email-centric.

Now you may be thinking "Great, if I send an email message and the delivery fails, I get a bounce message back telling me what's wrong and how to fix the problem! In an ideal world, this would be true. Unfortunately, unless you are very well versed in bounce message status codes, chances are you are not going to be able to take away a whole lot from the bounce message.

So what's an email marketer to do? Your best option for understanding and correcting email bounces is to gain a basic understanding of how ISPs (Internet Service Providers) classify bounces, learn what error message codes mean at a basic level, and finally, how the application simplifies the process of handling email bounces.