Automated Message Rules Best Practices

This topic covers some best practices for successfully using automated message rules.

With automated message rules, you gain both power and flexibility over your email campaigns. However, you will need to exercise restraint when first exploring this new feature. It is possible to set up automated message rules that automatically send email to thousands of contacts without any intervention.

Initial Setup

We suggest that you begin by setting up your automated message rules to send to a limited test list. This will allow you to verify that the behavior of the automated message rule matches your intentions.

To configure an automated message rule to send to a limited test list:

  1. Create a list of test accounts, such as your work email address and several personal accounts at free providers like Yahoo! and Gmail.
  2. Select the list you just created within in the eligible section of the Advanced page of the Automated Message Rules Wizard.
  3. Activate the automated message rule.
  4. Examine the results to make sure that the automated message rule performed according to the parameters you specified.

The instructions above provide a high level overview for configuring an automated message rule to send to a test list.

Avoiding Contact Fatigue

With the ability to send email automatically provided by automated message rules, you may be tempted to send quite a bit more email to contacts than you do at present. However, you need to be very cautious not to induce contact fatigue. Contact fatigue is characterized by your contacts feeling that they are receiving too many emails from you. Even if your list is entirely subscription based (aka opt-in), sending too many emails can annoy your customers and ruin the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaign.

Thankfully, contact fatigue is an affliction that can be avoided by taking the following preventative measures:

  • Send relevant and timely messages using segmentation and extra fields.

    For more information on segmentation, see Segment Builder. For more information on fields, see Contact Fields.

  • Engage your contacts and gather feedback from them to determine the right amount of email to send them.
  • Always consider automated message rules as part of your broader email marketing campaign.