Text-To-Join allows you to grow your email-marketing list by providing a way for potential contacts to text their email address to a short code and be automatically added to one of your lists.

Note: Text-to-Join is only available in the US, UK, and Canada.

Text-To-Join keywords are separate from SMS Keywords. You are not required to have SMS messaging set up in order to use Text-To-Join. Creating a Text-To-Join keyword will not count against your SMS keyword allocation. When a contact signs up for a list using Text-To-Join, they have opted-into receiving email communication. They have not opted into receiving future SMS messages.

Note: You can have a maximum of 1 active keyword and 1 deleted keyword at a time.
Tip: You can use the Contact is Added Trigger Node in workflows to send an email to a contact when they text their email address to a Text-To-Join keyword. For more information on using the Contact is Added Trigger Node in workflows, see Use The Contact Is Added Trigger Node In Workflows