Recommendations Web

Recommendations Web allows you to display your Bronto recommendations on your website as recommendation blocks.

Important: If you do not have the Recommendations Web app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

Recommendations Web is a paid for app that can be used to place product recommendations your website using the recommendations built with either Recommendations Standard or Premium. This extends the use of Recommendations Standard and Recommendations Premium from email to your website.

With Recommendations Web you can:
  • design content blocks for your recommendations
  • identify pages you want to surface recommendations on
  • use basic coding to display recommendations on your website

To make this integration easy, once purchased, Recommendations Web can be accessed from within the Recommendations app by clicking the globe icon.


Recommendations Web has all of the same prerequisites as your version of Recommendations. If you're new to Recommendations, see Before You Can Begin. It's particularly important you have a current product catalog that contains Title, Image URL, and Product URL product fields. You will use these fields when building recommendation blocks.

Configuration and Implementation

Making recommendation blocks appear on your site requires completing these tasks:
  1. Add the Script Manager script to your site. This allows Bronto to collect and pass data necessary to providing targeted recommendation data. See Adding the Script Manager Code to Your Site for more information.
  2. Add an additional script to the bottom of each page.
  3. If you have Recommendations Premium, you will need to configure selectors on your page to get the Product ID (for product pages) and Email Address and/or Contact EID. See Configuring Browse Settings in Script Manager for more information.
    Note: If you are already use Browse Recovery or Recommendations Premium, your selectors should be configured already and you can skip this.
  4. Place bronto-rec div tags in the code on pages where you want the recommendation to be displayed. See Use Div Tags To Place Recommendations Within A Page for more information.
  5. If necessary, add page identifiers to your code so you can use them to map recommendations. If your site has clearly defined URL parameters, these can be used as identifiers also. See Add A Page Identifier Script To Your Site for more information.
  6. Use the Identifiers tab to associate page identifiers with recommendations and configure the settings for each recommendation. See Configure Identifiers For Recommendations Web for more information.

See Recommendations Web Site Configuration for more information.


Recommendations Web provides a drag and drop editor, similar to the email message editor, that you can use to design your recommendation blocks. A recommendation block design is called a layout. When you add a recommendation to an identifier, you will select a layout and this will determine how your products are displayed. See Recommendations Web Layouts for more information.

Bronto provides layout templates you can copy and use as a design shortcut. You can also create completely new layouts from scratch.


Recommendations Web provides a Settings page you can use to configure default values for identifiers and to define how the recommendations should behave on your website. See Recommendations Web Settings for more information.

Test And Publish

After you create an identifier in Bronto you will need to publish it before it can be used on your site. This lets you make changes in the app without those changes being automatically displayed on your site. You also have the option of using Recommendations Web in test mode. Test mode will let you promote changes to a staging site for testing before publishing to your production site. See Recommendations Web Test Mode for more information.