Recommendations Home Page

The Recommendations Home page is where you can view and manage your product recommendations.

This page can be accessed by clicking the Recommendations Dashboard Icon icon located in the left navigation bar.

Recommendations Dashboard

On the Recommendations page you can see a list of the recommendations you have created in your account with high-level information about each recommendation. The Versions column shows which version the recommendation is currently in.

The Type column is only displayed if you have Recommendations Premium. In the Type column Premium users can see whether a recommendation is standard or premium. All Recommendations Standard recommendations are standard recommendations, which means they're built based on what Bronto knows about your products. A Recommendation Premium recommendation can be either standard, based on product data, or premium, based on product and order/browse data for a contact.

Any recommendation can exist in up to two versions:
  • Draft: A draft recommendation reflects the most recent edits to a recommendation, but a draft recommendation cannot be used until it is published.
  • Published: A published recommendation is the version of the recommendation that can be used. You can edit a published recommendation, but this creates a draft version of the recommendation where your edits will be saved until the draft version is published. A published recommendation can be made either active (available for use) or inactive (not available for use).

Using the Recommendations page you have the option to edit Recommendations Edit Icon, copy Recommendations Copy Icon, or delete Recommendations Delete Icon any of your recommendations or you can make published recommendations Active or Inactive using the Active/Inactive Recommendations Active Toggle toggle. Active recommendations are available for use in your marketing campaigns. Inactive recommendations are not available. You should not make a recommendation inactive if you are currently using it.

To view a recommendation, click on the name of the recommendation or the edit icon. If you have both a draft and published version of a recommendation, a pop up window will be displayed that allows you to choose whether you want to view the published version, to continue editing your draft (which allows you to view the draft), or to discard the current draft.

You can also create a new recommendation by clicking the New Recommendation button on the Recommendations page. For more information see Create A Standard Recommendation or Create A Premium Recommendation.