Coupon Manager Reports

Coupon Manager provides reports you can use to view the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Coupon Manager has three types of reports.

Campaign Reports

Campaign reports display the redemption and revenue metrics for a specific campaign. You can access a campaign report by clicking the report icon associated with a specific campaign.

Account Reports

The account report displays the aggregate redemption and revenue metrics for all of the Coupon Manager campaigns in your account. You can access this report by clicking the view reports icon, then clicking Account Report.

Comparison Reports

Comparison reports allow you to create a report that compares the success of different campaigns and tags. To create a comparison report:
  1. Click the view reports icon.
  2. Click Comparison Report.
  3. Click in either the Add Campaigns or Add Tags box and add the items you want to compare.
  4. Click either the Add Campaigns or Add Tags button to add the items to the report.