Browse Recovery Rules

Browse Recovery uses a set of three rules in order to determine when messages should be sent to a contacts based on browse behavior.

Important: If you do not have the Browse Recovery app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

These rules are:

  1. Product Threshold: This rule is based on the number of times a contact browses a specific product within a set period of time.
  2. Category Threshold: This rule is based on the number of times a contact browses products within the same category within a set period of time.
  3. Recently Viewed: This rule is based on overall product views on your site within a set period of time. The products viewed do not have to have a relationship to each other.
Each rule is taken into consideration in the order listed above. If a contact meets the criteria defined for Product Threshold, and any additional rule settings you have defined, the contact will be sent the email associated with Product Threshold. If they do not meet the Product Threshold criteria, but meet the Category Threshold criteria, then the contact will be sent the email associated with Category Threshold. If the contact does not meet the Product or Category Threshold criteria, but meets the Recently Viewed criteria, the contact will be sent this message. This hierarchy is designed to send each contact the most accurately targeted email while also avoiding sending too many emails to a single contact.
To use a rule you:
  • Configure the global rule settings, which include setting rule time delays, providing sending options, and defining the product fields you plan to use in your Browse Recovery emails.
  • Build the Browse Recovery emails to be used for each rule using the Browse Recovery tags provided in the Rule Settings.
  • Configure the criteria used for the rule and associate the appropriate email.
  • Turn the rule on.

For the best performance, monitor the results of your rules after initial configuration. After a few weeks, make adjustments that you feel will improve its performance. It's best not to make too many adjustments at once. Instead, make incremental tweaks so that you can easily see which changes improve performance and which hurt. Also, making adjustments at the beginning of a month will allow you to use the monthly metrics on the Rule Performance Report in order to see how changes to the rules improve (or hurt) rule performance from month to month. Or you can use delivery groups to organize and track the different sends and performance metrics.