Browse Recovery Emails

While you can use any editor to build your emails, you will need to carefully consider the placement of your Browse Recovery tags and how replacing the tags with product data will impact your overall message design.

Important: If you do not have the Browse Recovery app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

Each Browse Recovery rule can have a single message associated with it and the same message cannot be used for more than one rule. You should make a unique email for each rule and not reuse these messages for other purposes.

Typically, a Browse Recovery email contains a single API loop that includes a Browse Recovery tag for each product field you want to include in your email. The syntax for a Browse Recovery tag is %%$product.(#product_id_#).field%% where
  • %%$product.(#product_id_#).%% is a required syntax that must be used exactly as written.
  • field is a variable that should be replaced with the product field you want included.

In your message design this will look similar to:


You only need to add a single API loop with one tag per each product field you want included in the message. When a rule is triggered, Browse Recovery provides the relevant product data to Bronto's API for each product that matches the rule's criteria and settings. At send, the placeholders are replaced in the message with the product data Browse Recovery provides. In this example the title and price for the products that meet the rule's criteria will be inserted into the message. If there are three products that meet the Browse Recovery rule's settings and criteria, then the title and price for three products are included in the message.Browse Recovery using API Loop

To add the loop in emails designed with the email message editor:
  1. Drag an API Loop element onto the canvas and place it where you want the products to appear.
  2. Drag a Text element onto the canvas, placing it after the Begin API Loop tag but before the End API Loop tag.
  3. Enter the relevant Browse Recovery tags in the Text element's Add Content box.

If you use the WYSIWYG or HTML editor, hard code the loop into your message. To do this:

  1. Add {dynamic_code}{loop}{/loop}{/dynamic_code} tags to the email where you want the products to appear.
  2. Enter the relevant Browse Recovery tags between the opening and closing loop tag.

You can manipulate what the results look by styling the column (email message editor) or div the loop is contained in.