Browse Recovery Activity Page

The Browse Recovery Activity page is a contact-based record of the sends and exclusions the app has triggered in the last 30 days.

Important: If you do not have the Browse Recovery app and would like information about purchasing it, see Bronto's App Center or contact your account manager.

The Activity page can be accessed by going to Automation > Browse Recovery, then clicking the Activity tab. On this page there is an activity table that is divided into Sends, Exclusions, and Events. You can access any of these activity lists by clicking on the tab associated with the activity you want to view. You can also search any of these activities for a specific contact using their email address.


Sends is a list of the contacts Browse Recovery has sent messages to in the last 30 days. Here you can view the:
  • Contact's email address
  • Name of the message the contact was sent
  • Browse Recovery Rule that triggered the delivery
  • Product IDs that were included in the sent message
  • Date and time the delivery was sent

Information about sends can be useful for strategic planning of future messages and marketing campaigns. For example, if you see a contact was sent a Category email, but that contact did not convert, you could send them a follow up message that provides a discount when they buy multiple products in the category.


Exclusions is a list of contacts who were excluded from a Browse Recovery delivery they were otherwise eligible for based on the criteria for a rule.

Here you can view the:

  • Contact's email address
  • What caused the exclusion
  • Browse Recovery Rule that the contact was eligible for
  • Product IDs the contact browsed that triggered the rule
  • Date and time the exclusion occurred
There are many different reasons a contact can be excluded from a send and this tab provides the details you need to determine if and when you need to adjust your settings so contacts are not excluded. Some examples of what exclusions you might see here are:
  • The contact is on a list or segment that was excluded
  • The products the contact browsed did not meet your product filter criteria
  • Browse Recovery recently sent the contact a different message
  • The contact recently made a purchase

You could also use this information to schedule message deliveries for excluded contacts using the platform. If you do decide to send contacts on the exclusion list messages using the platform, do not use the messages you configured for your Browse Recovery rules. When one of these messages is sent without using the app, the platform will not have the information it needs to map the Browse Recovery tags appropriately. Instead, you should either make a copy of one of your Browse Recovery messages and replace the Browse Recovery tags with properly formatted Product tags or you should create a new message that contains the product information you want to send to your contacts.