Bronto’s newest offerings leverage the convenience and flexibility of REST. With our REST API client, you can access and work with your product and order data.

Our REST API library is categorized by service. If you are not working with products, orders, or carts you will need to reference the SOAP API library to find the information you need to work with other objects in Bronto.

Product Service

The Product Service helps you to manipulate product data in your product catalog and to import product data feeds. It is accessible using HTTPS and secured with OAuth 2.0. The code samples in the Product Service REST API library are written in Python using the Requests library.

Order Service

The Order Service helps you to view, add, update, and delete order and cart data. You can also use order service APIs to manipulate the status of a cart. The code samples in the Order Service REST API library are written in Java.

Campaign Service

The Campaign Service offers REST APIs for interacting with campaigns. Common calls for campaigns include Get, Create, and Update.