Multi-Brand Overview Page

The Overview page in a Multi-Brand account is the starting point for managing both your users and your sub-accounts.

Below you will find an explanation of each section and table found on the Overview page. To get to the Overview page, go to Home > Overview.

View Sub-Account's Total Email Volume

You can view a sub-account's total email volume in the Email Volume Overview area.

The Email Volume Overview section displays the total emails sent versus the total number of emails you have allocated.

View Sub-Accounts' Total SMS Volume

You can view a sub-account's total SMS volume in the SMS Volume Overview area.

The SMS Volume Overview section displays the total SMS messages sent versus the total number of SMS messages you have allocated.

View Bronto Announcements

You can view Bronto announcements in the Announcements From Bronto area.

The Announcements From Bronto section contains the most recent announcements sent from Bronto. These announcements contain relevant application information, such as application status updates, webcast announcements, and news about new features. Only a preview of each announcement is displayed. To see the full announcement, click Read.

View Sub-Account Announcements

You can view the announcements for your sub-accounts in the Announcements For Sub-Accounts area.

The Announcements For Sub-Accounts section contains all the announcements that you are currently displaying to your sub-accounts. These can include custom announcements you have created for your sub-accounts, or announcements from Bronto that you wish to pass on to your sub-accounts.

For information about how to create announcements for your sub-accounts see Add Sub-Account Announcements.

View Sub-Account Alerts

You can view alerts for your sub-accounts in the Sub-Account Alert area.

The Sub-Account Alert section lets you quickly identify sub-accounts with low sender ratings, or sub-accounts who are reaching the limit of their email allocation. For the sender rating, your sub-accounts who have a sender rating of 5 or less will be displayed in red, and your sub-accounts with a rating of 7 or less will be displayed in orange. For email volume, your sub-accounts who have exceeded 100% of their email volume (also known as email allocation) will be displayed in red. Your sub-accounts whose email volume is at 90-100% of their total will be displayed in yellow.

View Sub-Account's Email Volume Over Time

You can view your sub-accounts' email volume over time in the Email Volume Over Time graph.

The Email Volume Over Time graph displays the email volume of your sub-accounts.